Is the pandemic going to change the career paths chosen by our children? 

“The economic trauma induced by the pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to re-imagine our relationship with work and re-evaluate what jobs we consider really important.

So says James Suzman – anthropologist and author of  Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time.

I asked my kids (4 and 7) and their responses were interesting:

My daughter (4) wants to be fairy.  And my son (7) wants to be a policeman – not the kind that catches baddies (he’s frightened) – rather the kind that flies police helicopters.

Of interest was the dialogue surrounding the career selection:

The fairy theme has been a constant one. My little girl loves all things fairies and rainbows and unicorns.  But her reason was interesting, “Fairies can wave their wands and make people better, mum, even their own selves.” True – who am I to say they can’t?

The police helicopter pilot has also been a constant theme.  But it was always shared with being a pilot.  Of a JetStar or Qantas plane, specifically.  Actually, an A380 Airbus.  But he doesn’t want to do that anymore because, “There are no more planes flying anymore, mum.” True story.

Ask YOUR kids.  Like mine, their responses may be interesting.