1. Draft your job advertisement:

Include information about:

Your Firm: Who you are, Where you are, What you do, Why you do it.  Try How you do it too – interesting thought!

The Role: Full-time, part-time or casual, title of role, start date, hours.

Duties and Responsibilities: What, specifically, will the new employee be doing?

Qualifications and Skills: What qualifications should the new employee hold?  What skills should they have? Think accuracy, hardworking, enthusiastic…

Mention required experience too.

Instructions on how to apply: Be very specific.  If a potential employee cannot read to the end of the advert and follow instructions, you have sorted out the wheat from the chaff already and you need not consider them at all.

Something like: send a cover letter and resume to (email address)

Closing date for applications – Facebook ads run for a month., but you can alter that date if you like.

Include somewhere: Only short- listed applicants will be contacted – you may get so many applications that you find it really time-consuming to respond to all.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to look at other, similar advertised roles – they can often help you with wording & identifying what you actually want.

2. Post your advertisement on Social Media channels and/or on www.seek.com.au

We only used Facebook and LinkedIn for our recent advertisement and received a lot of responses. It’s effective and FREE!

3. Acknowledge ALL applications

Acknowledge every correct application that you receive with an email, it’s the right thing to do.

Something like:

Many thanks for your application.  I will be in touch shortly should you meet our selection criteria.

Many recruits put a lot of effort into their application.  Always be polite and courteous.

4. Select the applicant that you love & arrange an interview

Always go with your instinct – it rarely lies. Don’t be distracted by other applicants.  If you want a Bookkeeper, don’t consider an Accountant!  Keep your eye on what you want.

Once you have selected the right fit for your business, make the call to offer them the job.

Make the call… It is one of the greatest calls you will EVER make!