How to land a new job!

Whether you are currently unemployed and looking for a new job or you are already employed and looking for new opportunities, applying for jobs can be a challenging and tiring process. Whilst there are hundreds of online job postings that you can apply for, the tricky part is hearing back about a possible interview. [...]

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5 tips for hiring a new recruit

1. Draft your job advertisement: Include information about: Your Firm: Who you are, Where you are, What you do, Why you do it.  Try How you do it too – interesting thought! The Role: Full-time, part-time or casual, title of role, start date, hours. Duties and Responsibilities: What, specifically, will the new employee be [...]

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Asset Protection

What asset protection is available for real estate investors? Investing in real estate can pose risks that might result in legal proceedings. Asset protection for real estate investors can be achieved by implementing the following protections: Insurance: Having an insurance policy in place on a property can help protect it against risks and is [...]

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Asset Protection for Property Investors

What is Asset Protection? With insolvencies on the rise given the current Pandemic, the need for directors of companies and business owners to protect their assets is even more critical as they could be named in litigation proceedings along with their company. The aim of asset protection is to safeguard assets from legal, business [...]

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